Criminal Defense

Attorney Jaclyn Palumbo has dedicated most of her practice to protect the rights and reputations of the accused every day. Because the area of criminal defense involves a high level of risk for her clients, she dedicates herself diligently to each case. She helps clients manage the confusion and fear of litigation; continually informs the clients of updates on their cases; and does her best to make clients feel involved in the process.

Attorney Palumbo has represented clients accused of all different levels of charges – felonies of all levels, misdemeanors of all levels, and traffic tickets. Each case is unique and important, and Attorney Palumbo knows this – and fights hard for your case every step of the way.

It is important to get an attorney as soon as possible during the criminal process. The court system can move quickly and be unforgiving, and it is vital to give Attorney Palumbo as much time as possible to handle your case quickly and effectively.

Attorney Palumbo will be attentive to your case - focusing on all details and angles, while forcing the State to prove all elements of any charges. Attorney Palumbo’s experience in trials and plea negotiations creates as many options as possible for each client. If you want to have an attorney dedicated to your interest on a personal level, who you can trust with all information about your case, Attorney Palumbo is the attorney for you.

Is it too early to get an attorney involved in my criminal case?

No, it is never too early to get Attorney Palumbo involved. There are risks to each part of the process, from police interviews, to arrest, to arraignments, to trial – giving Attorney Palumbo as much time as possible gives her a range of time and options to manage your case in the best way possible.

Should I talk to the police without an attorney?

No! Never talk to the police without an attorney present, under any circumstances.

Should I post bail for a loved one?

In some cases posting bail for a loved one may not actually get your loved one released from jail – contact Attorney Palumbo for individual cases to determine if you should post bail.

Can Attorney Palumbo talk to me about my loved one’s case?

Attorney-client privilege applies to ALL cases – the only way Attorney Palumbo can speak to a family member of a client is to have a written waiver from the client, verbal permission from the client, and Attorney Palumbo’s consent. All three must be there for communications between a client and a loved one.